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Buy a new tray for a freezer

Hi. I have a fridge KF 1166 V A+ VIT
A+ | 1660 mm and I got the middle tray from the freezer broken. Is it possible to buy a new tray? What the price would be?

Mykhailo Matiiasevych Rapportera olämpligt innehåll


  • Hi Mykhailo!

    Yes, spare parts can be ordered from Cylinda and you are warmly welcome to call us at phone # 0771-25 25 00, option 1, any week day between 07:45 and 19:00. A new tray would cost less than 500 SEK.

    (Cylinda has several different similar products so please specify whether the tray that you're looking for is white, grey or ice blue.)

    Best regards,

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